Hey friday night…whats up walmart at 11pm…how ya doin baking instead of going out.

I cant get the idea of rootbeer floats out of my head. I have been dying to make an actual rootbeer float cupcake after my first attempt was an epic failure. Then I found the missing link…rootbeer concentrate. After a little, ok huge mess in the kitchen I finally created the most moist and incredibly rootbeer tasting cupcake.

without wasting any time, bring on vanilla bean with a chocolate buttercream icing. 

A sweet vanilla bean cake was exactly what I was going for. Until I realized that I wanted a dreamsicle cupcake. So I HAD to make one that exact second. The most moist and probably top 3 tasting cupcake I have made to date. I loved orange julius drinks and finally after a while of experimenting I figured out how to morph that drink into a cupcake. Orange cream cupcake with a vanilla cream icing topped with a slice of a blood orange? Yep, not much more you can ask for.