Most of these cakes were made for my friends and families birthdays and nothing makes me happier than baking for my family. Well, I take that back….nothing makes me happier than baking for myself and personally eating it all but whos asking.

Here is the cake I made for my mom’s 50th Birthday last december. Chocolate and vanilla cake with strawberries, and who has EVER turned down a strawberry.

This one was so much fun! I worked for a wonderful event planner and her son loves bowling and turned 12 so I whipped up this little gem for him.

My Dads birthday is on St. Patricks day and despite him telling me he physically turned into a leprechaun the night of his birthday for the first 15 years of my life, I made him this St. Patricks day cake for his 50th…..

So much for me talking…here are some more birthday cakes from this year!

Loved making all of these!!