a year of birthdays

Most of these cakes were made for my friends and families birthdays and nothing makes me happier than baking for my family. Well, I take that back….nothing makes me happier than baking for myself and personally eating it all but whos asking.

Here is the cake I made for my mom’s 50th Birthday last december. Chocolate and vanilla cake with strawberries, and who has EVER turned down a strawberry.

This one was so much fun! I worked for a wonderful event planner and her son loves bowling and turned 12 so I whipped up this little gem for him.

My Dads birthday is on St. Patricks day and despite him telling me he physically turned into a leprechaun the night of his birthday for the first 15 years of my life, I made him this St. Patricks day cake for his 50th…..

So much for me talking…here are some more birthday cakes from this year!

Loved making all of these!!


3 cupcake flavors in less than 12 hours

Hey friday night…whats up walmart at 11pm…how ya doin baking instead of going out.

I cant get the idea of rootbeer floats out of my head. I have been dying to make an actual rootbeer float cupcake after my first attempt was an epic failure. Then I found the missing link…rootbeer concentrate. After a little, ok huge mess in the kitchen I finally created the most moist and incredibly rootbeer tasting cupcake.

without wasting any time, bring on vanilla bean with a chocolate buttercream icing. 

A sweet vanilla bean cake was exactly what I was going for. Until I realized that I wanted a dreamsicle cupcake. So I HAD to make one that exact second. The most moist and probably top 3 tasting cupcake I have made to date. I loved orange julius drinks and finally after a while of experimenting I figured out how to morph that drink into a cupcake. Orange cream cupcake with a vanilla cream icing topped with a slice of a blood orange? Yep, not much more you can ask for.

and so it begins…

Well, I have officially joined the blogging world. Never thought I would see the day. But hey, im not new to starting something from scratch (no pun intended). Which is exactly where this begins…

My obsession with baking is beginning to get ridiculous, with the constant late night iphone searching for new ideas to thinking im some master chef that can just throw things together and make some masterpiece. Who knows why I love it so much I just do. Shoot, who knows if im even good at it. I have a feeling my family is a whole bunch of liars and are just saying its good to shut me up. Or maybe its just their extra 10lbs they have packed on from my baking talking…who knows. Funny how the most heard phrase at my house is now “the diet starts monday.” Ehh, bunch of amateurs. So let the cakes, cupcakes and weight gain begin. Or should I say continue….

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